Blogging There

Blogging There

August 2, 2004

Dan Bricklin, famed co-creator of the first PC spreadsheet tells us that "politics is about hope," looks critically at the blogging of the DNC, and explains the importance of event blogging in general.

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Come to Google and Help Build Blogger

Are you one of those odd human beings who enjoys the struggles and details of designing cutting-edge web-application interfaces that can be used by millions of people? We're looking for a rock-star user-interface geek to join the Blogger team at Google. More details on the Google Jobs page.

Ev. [8/6/2004 11:55:58 AM]

Revise with Ease

By turning on Quick Edit Links for your blog, you can jump into Blogger from the homepage of your blog. Save yourself some time, why don'cha.

Jason G. [8/3/2004 01:53:35 PM]

Bricklin on Event Blogging

"You wonder how the traditional press would cover the Grand Canyon." Dan Bricklin, co-creator of the first PC spreadsheet and founder of Software Garden, Inc., weighs in on the emotional importance of Blogging There.

Biz [8/3/2004 12:15:36 PM]

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