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Rebecca Blood Sees

There Is A Blog in Your Future

May 28, 2004

There are as many kinds of blogs as there are kinds of people. Find out why the prescient author of The Weblog Handbook sees a blog in your future. Explore her bold predictions.

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The Hello Bloggerbot

Hello, Photoblogging

May 19, 2004

Sixty years ago the idea for instant photo sharing was born. Once upon a time there were chemicals and agitation involved—today we have blogs and robots. Welcome to the future. Meet BloggerBot.

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Illustration: The Great Blogger Relaunch of 2004

The Great Blogger Relaunch

May 9, 2004

In 1999, Blogger was launched as a side project to help make it easy for a few Web geeks to update their homepages. Now, we're relaunching the revolutionary application that started it all.

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