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The Blogger Matrix

Hacking The Blogger Matrix

June 28, 2004

Graham has been living in the Blogger Matrix, structuring his own reality with template tags and blog settings for quite some time now. Take the red pill, Neo. There is much to learn.

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Sports Blogging! Woot!

New Jocks on the Blog

June 21, 2004

Are you a true sports fan? Do you paint your body and scream bloody murder from the sidelines? Well save your paint for arts and crafts because Blogging has just extended the sidelines.

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This Old Blog

This Old Blog

June 14, 2004

Your blog is your home on the web and it may be due for a restoration. Join blog carpenter Eric Case and your host Biz Stone for the premier of This Old Blog.

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Blogging from The Road

On The Road with Audioblogger

June 7, 2004

Blogger has always been about giving you a voice on the web. However, until now we only meant that figuratively. With Audioblogger, you speak into a phone and it's saved to the web.

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