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I like readin', ritin', unfunny cliches.

Aren't papier mache cuts the worst?

What's worse is pomping (with which I have only sixth-grade experience, not post-secondary experience, thankyouverymuch) and getting bits of tissue paper glued to your fingertips. Not only does the paper get stuck but the dye is also hell to remove.


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In honor of today's musings by Julia her-name-i...
08 July 2004
...ot-Guglia, I've changed my Friendster photo to me and some dudes: "File this one under Mad for Stupid Reasons. I recently came across an entry in Merriam-Webster's Collegiate Dictionary (11th Edition) under "nauseous" that made me question my J-school education. (Note: Though not the standard...
The Onion sums up quite nicely why my rants...
07 July 2004
... these days are few and far between. That, and summer's endless ice cream runs make me fat and happy. Nation's Liberals Suffering From Outrage Fatigue [The Onion]
One thing I will never be using is the...
07 July 2004
... automated post office at the Columbia PO! And not just because I'll never mail anything from Columbia again in my life. At least it will make for shorter lines and therefore a quicker route to happiness for those lucky enough to interact with the postal workers. Right, J-Dub? Post office...
I thought I never slept in college. Tom always...
07 July 2004
... inadvertently kicked that to the curb with sentences like: "Last night was the first time in 21 days I didn't drink," and that 21 days usually included two or three away basketball games, a couple of major NCAA scandals, midterms and maybe a 360 immersion story or two. Seems to me graduation...
No real Mary-Kate news to report (though she...
07 July 2004
... and Ashley have been dropped from the Got Milk? campaign), but someone got here by googling "Exactly how long has Mary-Kate been throwing up?" which is funny enough to report.


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