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I'm Rob. Thanks for looking at my blog.

Whoops! Your tongue is now a magnet. Whatever will you use for silverware?

Sporks. Plastic sporks.


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I'm tired
30 June 2004
Didn't goto the movies last night. Uh, just got done playing some starcraft. Hmm. Going to see Fahrenheit 9/11 tonight with mah pops. Then breakfast at Rose's with mah sis and then we be tappin' that spiderman 2 shizzle. Yo, as they say.
28 June 2004
Work really kinda sucks. Who'da thunk it. Brendan left for fucking Ireland yesterday, and I missed his call. Raquel's leaving for Florida tomorrow, and I was robbed an opportunity to hang out with her. I'm kinda sad right now. :(
27 June 2004
I joined It's really cool, and the people there are really nice. Check my page out at :D Went to my mom's friend's house with my mom. God, jsut sitting around listening to 4 old women talk about useless shit is so goddamn boring!!!! And Raquel wanted to...
26 June 2004
I was supposed to hang out with justin today, but haven't heard from him. Watched Secret Window and Bad santa. Both are equally awesome movies. My sunburn is acting up, and its starting to peel. It peeled really bady on my ear and its bleeding. It really sucks. My legs really itch. God this...
23 June 2004
Didn't do anything today. It'll probably go like that through the night. :(


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