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Julia Child, RIP. Tip and shout.
13 August 2004
... shout.
Henri Cartier-Bresson, RIP. Tip and shout.
04 August 2004
... shout.
BBDB: Yes, I grew up on a compound, but not one...
03 August 2004
... the UAE, but ones in Dhahran and Riyadh, in the arid country of Saudi Arabia. Although I wasn't as culturally divorced from the states as you'd reasonably surmise, I wasn't exactly au courant either, so everything is presumably excusable (or, at least, can be explained by expatriate upbringing).
BBDB: Yes, I was much older than most peeps...
03 August 2004
... when I saw my first movie in theater (wherefore my parody of Philip Larkins Annus Mirabilis), but I ascribe that growing up in a desert kingdom and not in these United States.
Re anyways/anyway: Herewith the entry from...
03 August 2004
... The Columbia Guide to Standard American English: "Anyways is dialectal, primarily Southern and South Midland; it raises Standard users’ eyebrows nearly everywhere else in all speech and is unacceptable in Edited English." So, in answer to your usage question, anyways isn't acceptible, but...


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