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that'll be one dollar.
11 August 2004
ate a pack of combos this morning. snickers at noon. jamba juice with eric at 3.00. a pack of combos at 6.23. chicken flavored ramen at 7.30. riz sticks w. peanut butter at 8.00. *if there's anyone who likes to eat as much as i do.. lemmie know. not that this is a ton.. it's just all bad...
si je pourrais ?e quelque chose dans cette vie,...
10 August 2004
... serais brillant. 
wanted: one giant butterfly net.
10 August 2004
fate waifs in moments... and if you're paying close attention.. and if you're lucky.. you might catch one. i caught several.. and i was sad when i had to let them go. i'm carrying a net around every where i go, and i'm keeping my eye out for the next one. i don't like stupidity.....
shit.. those aren't my socks
08 August 2004
all of a sudden, it doesn't hurt as much. i need a hair cut.. and i want to dy my hair back to normal again. i can't handle this purple shit anymore. monday's agenda: clean the room work out a bit dye hair back to normal perhaps tame this mane day one of this new found...
07 August 2004
nordstroms: 200.00 capitol one: 100.00 express: 15.00 orthodontics: 666.63 car insurance: 270.00 chase mastercard: 100.00 exspenses for this month: 1351.63 *gas to drive to oak lawn and then the to the city: ...


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