• Age: 22
  • Gender: male
  • Astrological Sign: Sagittarius
  • Born in the Year of the: Rooster
  • Industry: Technology
  • Location: Seattle : Taiwan

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stress stress stress... give me a job!

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still looking
21 hours ago
I wish I could return here with a happy post about me finding a job, unfortunately not. not only that, my router broke down and I had to replace it. so it's basically me wasting more $$$ while I have no incoming. =o= but anyway..uh... I'll try to sort some stuff in the past few days and post...
06 July 2004
呵,這背痛已經不是第一次了,乾脆標題就用日期來區別好了也省點事。 真的好幹,背和肩膀又在給我不安分了。我想,嗯,不用想,我當然知道這背痛和肩痛是怎來的。這幾天一直在狂拼證照的相關書籍,老毛病又犯了。我總是不自主的書看久了肩膀就會自動越來越緊繃,當然最後不用想就是三四個小時後我整個肩膀部份會全部僵硬。嗚,痛∼這種慢性的痛真的會把人搞瘋的說。今天我照例跑完步後我整個右手都因為右肩僵硬的關係而麻掉了...吼,媽的人真的快瘋了!!!!再下去真的我真的要痛到在床上滾了!!!! 總是想說,這時候該回柔道場找個師兄叫他給我狠狠地抓著我的手給他摔下去,最好是給他在摔的過程中扯斷我的手這樣我至...
steep learning curve
06 July 2004
ughn. the learning curve for Blender 3D is steep. very steep. super steep. I tried blender 2 years ago... and I gave up after 5 minutes. its interface was just simply impossible to use. 2 years later, I've downloaded the software again (btw this is freeware we're talking here, not pirated...
「滷味」<- これ、美味しい~!
06 July 2004
あぁ、久しぶりの日本語ポストだ。昨日、友達がこの、中国語で「滷味」という料理を作った。まぁぁ、料理と言っても本当はツマミみたいな食べ物だ。でも本当に妙だな。日本語の辞書を調べたけど、その漢字がどうしても探さなかった。日本では必ずこういうタイプの食べ物があるはずだろう?滷(発音多分「ロ」とか「ル」かなぁ?)することは、醤油をつけて豆腐、タマゴ、昆布、鳥足などの食べ物をゆっくり醤油汁に煮込むことだ。こんな食べ物日本にもきっとあるんでしょ?でも辞書に全然載ってない。 とにかく、友達が作ったその滷味は、すごく美味かった!おいら、死んでもこの美味い物をもう一度食べたいなぁ~!つくり方はおいら...
happy birthday, america
04 July 2004
Happy birthday America! went to Gasworks today to watch fireworks... it was awesome. :) I got mega mega amounts of shots, check gallery for update. this year, I came prepared. lol. even though I still don't have a tripod and my hands are still not steady enough to take perfect dark shots, I...


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