ryan j

  • Gender: male
  • Astrological Sign: Leo
  • Location: MN

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9 hours ago
UW-Ass Fuck? RF? Stout? Eau Claire? Which Ass Fuck are we talkin'?! Congratulations!!
UW-Ass Fuck? RF? Stout? Eau claire? Which...
9 hours ago
... Ass Fuck are we talkin'?!
13 August 2004
... WHOOO!!!
I like the concept of 'Edward Fortyhands'. Bas...
13 August 2004
...lly the rules are, you get two 40oz beers duct-taped to your hands, and you can't remove either of them until you finished both. :^D So... good luck peein'. ;^D
That poem just needs some editing, and it could...
13 August 2004
... great! feel insides burning live haze gray morning eats me heart only once. like my are up in a of me up and hates broken lives There. :^D


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