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agnostic, alive, anti-emo, cute, dyke, eclectic, feisty, feminist, freckled, fucked, independent, outspoken, paranoid, peaceful, political, poor, proud, queer, radical, sarcastic, slacker, spaz, small, smiley, student, taken, tired


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Oh, Canada! Off to The Falls with Amanda,...
16 hours ago
... Sarah, and Justin! Back tomorrow.
You can be my Yoko Ono. Well, I'm officially...
08 July 2004
... years of age, as of 2:07am... *cue montage music* Hey look, these are my feet!!!1one ...I do have 5 toes on each foot, though the prints are questionable... Ahh, the miracle of life... check out the ink on my feet. I speculate it's from the above footprints, but I could be part octopus... ...
Shiny happy people holding hands. Nuttybunny37...
08 July 2004
... we could go to my house and smoke and eat at 3 in the afternoon And that. Is exactly. What. We. Did. Smoked some good weed, got some dinner in Brighton, listened to some rockin WBER tunes, hit up Wegmans with Justin, watched some telly, smoked some more, then came home. My day was far...
08 July 2004
Everybody had to pay and pay... My eyes are...
08 July 2004
... naked. My birthday is tomorrow AND I got a checcckkkk in the maaaail. I'm pretty sure I look lovely today but no one is here to confirm. Someone call me to do something!!!!11oneeleven PS, daydream.


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