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A few words that have been used to describe me...spontaneous, nerdy/eccentric, spiritual, eccentric, curious, mood driven, and creative.

Do you believe that forks are evolved from spoons?

Forks are yang and spoons are yin. They evolved in harmony.


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New York Post Online Edition: horoscope: Your...
18 hours ago
... Horoscope for July 9, 2004 IF TODAY IS YOUR BIRTHDAY: You are determined to push yourself well beyond your normal limits this year - and no doubt you will succeed at whatever you decide to do. However, try not to forget that those limits are there for a purpose, and while it is good to test...
Ronald McDonald Amok: I believe Ronald McDonald...
19 hours ago
... has been arrested.
20 hours ago
Wordsmyth: Kind Words
08 July 2004
... Words
07 July 2004
... Daniel's Latest Review... "The Magnetic Fields follow up their instant classic, '69 Love Songs,' with a synthesizer-free collection of songs dealing with love, loss and life. The music is heavy on cello and acoustic guitar, which frame Stephen Merritt's sharp, witty and personal lyrics...


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