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quiz :)
07 July 2004
WHAT TYPE OF WILD CREATURE ARE YOU? (New Pictures!) brought to you by Quizilla
sexless young :)
07 July 2004
heyo pinky blog again! :) haven't updated for a long time [to me at least] performed for syf opening ceremony and it was a great experience man! we sang along with the choir while waiting patiently for our turn. conplications between people seemed to have disappeared for that moment. gosh, i...
can't catch up with time
04 July 2004
can't catch up with time. it's zooming so quickly at the speed of light. ahead of me help me. .
elsa highway o.o
02 July 2004
elsa HighwayWealthville7TravelWorld12Bankruptcity65Childbirth Hospital167Study Hall327Please Drive CarefullyUsername: Where are you on the highway of life? From eh... this is quite bad. i become a millionaire in 7miles and spend it all on travel and become bankrupt. -.-" then after...
02 July 2004
XD hiya. *new* added more links. had great fun at jec with chanel and wentong today gossiping and playing truth or dare. :D wow, didn't know we could crap so long while standing even. rofl. heheh got to know more about their guys ie. crushers and crushees :D muahaha. syf opening ceremony is...


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