• Age: 15
  • Gender: female
  • Astrological Sign: Cancer
  • Born in the Year of the: Snake
  • Location: Sleepy Hollow : Illinois

About Me

I'm 15 years old--sophomore--single. PERSONALITY: I act a lot happier than I really am and have trouble being myself-cause I'm not too sure who that is yet. I'm a good listener but I have trouble paying attention. I'm book smart but lack common knowledge. I've very hypocritical and ignorant. Also very racist and most of all self-conscious. I am a perfectionist. I like straight lines and perfect circles. MY LOOKS: straight Long brown hair with black streaks. Tall and very skinny. Small chest and small limbs...small everything. The only parts of my body that i actually like are my eyes(blue/green/yellow) and my abs. other than that I dont like what I look like.

Recent Posts

Happy Birthday To Me!
08 July 2004
08 July 2004
from rt72...driving past best buy and target turn on LOCUST (the road in between target and homemakers) go straight on locust for a while, up the hill--you will pass by some appartments on the right hand side, then make a right turn on SURREY LN. go straight for a while then make a right turn...
07 July 2004
i'm sad and i'm lonely and i have a way to fix it. its sitting there in my room. i'm afraid yet anxious. the only thing keeping me from it is the opinion of my peers. but then again--dont people say do what u want and dont let other people influence u? i want it. soon.
The Butterfly Effect
07 July 2004
it was the most amazing movie i've ever seen. it made me realize so many things. like how one event or choice u make can change the outcome of your entire life. it made me soo damn sad cause it got me thinking too much about mark. like if certain things didnt happen how different would my life...
July 9th
07 July 2004
happens to be my birthday. the plans have changed a little. celebration is on friday rather than thursday. the first half of the day is invitation only and at night there will be a bon fire for all to come to. THE PLANS in the morning just a few of us are going to see anchor man which comes out...


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