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mostly hairless sasquatch looking for species-similar female to put babies in


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19 hours ago
Today is the greatest Day I've ever known Can't...
20 hours ago
... live for tomorrow, Tomorrow's much too long I'll burn my eyes out Before I get out I wanted more Than life could ever grant me Bored by the chore Of saving face Today is the greatest Day I've ever known Can't wait for tomorrow I might not have that long I'll tear my heart out Before I get out...
The shameful tale of how hip-hop group Black...
23 hours ago
... Eyed Peas lost all their instruments in a studio fire. I am a bit curious about one thing though: how on Earth would a candle-lit recording studio set the proper mood for recording an album called Monkey Business?
Apparently I had quite the embarassing incident...
09 August 2004
... this weekend. Even more embarassing is that I had to be informed about it later on or I wouldn't have known about it at all. Even more embarassing than that is that I had no memory whatsoever of the circumstances that set up the embarassing incident. Most embarassingest of all is the...
I have just come upon the startling realization...
05 August 2004
... that the Sigur Ros song "Olson Olson" is a tribute to the beauty inherent in the possibility of incestuous lesbian not-fraternal-twin love between the two most lusted-over-by-creepy-old-farts-like-me barely legal millionairettes of our time. The triumphant major key flute solo in the end of...


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