• Age: 20
  • Gender: male
  • Astrological Sign: Aries
  • Born in the Year of the: Rat
  • Location: Zimbabwe


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Hampton Beach New York Boston Summer school...
05 July 2004
... will be over tomorrow and I am very excited. Also, I'll possibly be seeing Spiderman 2 which makes the day even better. Not only will I have the rest of the summer without studying or class, but I will be going to New York, Boston, and Hampton Beach. Hampton Beach isn't really anything...
I bought this at a garage/moving sale just a...
02 July 2004
... couple of days ago for one dollar! It has come to my attention that different people call this object different things. What do you call it?
01 July 2004
Well crap, I think my mom was right. A few...
29 June 2004
... weeks ago, I told my mom that the cd player in my car was broken. Thinking that she'd say that we would get it fixed the next time that I was in town, I was shocked to hear her say that we should wait... about a month. She told me that waiting and just listening to the radio would be "good...
Today was a good day. So Baylor is having it's...
24 June 2004
... orientation for all the new freshmen next year. This means that there are hundreds of little kids and their parents walking around campus trying to figure out where to go. It's really fun to see all of the little fresh-outta high school, gotta act cool kids get embarrassed by their awkward...


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