• Age: 14
  • Gender: female
  • Astrological Sign: Libra
  • Born in the Year of the: Snake
  • Occupation: Your worst nightmare
  • Location: SF : California : United States

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I know what I was feeling.... but what was I thinkin'!

Please come up with a more appropriate name for the ringtoe:

the one near the end... duh


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I'm filthy rich, I'm always tan, and I got a...
13 August 2004
Nicole would apreciate this! I'm Steve, I am marrying a girl just 'cause of her looks, and we're jumping right into making babies BABIES What the fuck is this girl talkin' 'bout Go here Nutrigrain... Feel Great! And you thought I was a religious fuzzy wuzzie... well here is some blasphemy!...
Song of 7:15
12 August 2004
Nothing new to report! I thought y'all would like this song 'cause, I mean, the holiday season is coming up a mite faster than y'all may realize!... without further ado... Kyle Broflofski With a Special Celebrity Guest! My friends wont let me join in any games. And I cant sing Christmas songs ...
10 August 2004
I like Tough Little Boys.... I haven't heard it in a while... so it's alright... I HATE "girls lie too" oh well! Radeem Zenkl is so cool! He is from The Chzech Republic... One day when he was at college he was playing this country song and a guy walked in and said "What is all this! This is...
Song of the day!
09 August 2004
Another day has almost come and gone Can't imagine what else could wrong Sometimes I'd like to hide away somewhere and lock the door A single battle lost but not the war ('cause) Tomorrow's another day And I'm thirsty anyway So bring on the rain It's almost like the hard times circle 'round A...
News of Day... plus the Song of the Evening
08 August 2004
Made a personalized skin for hannah! I hope she likes it! when she puts it on, I will show it to all of you! It's kinda my standard layout! (I actully looks a lot like this one only it's blue and has a coolio picture on the top) I spent the day in sunny santa cruz (Ha! Sunny my ass!) with good...


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