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holy teetering crapstacks!
13 August 2004
I had fallen behind on my (usually spotty anyway) internet reading during my two-week stay back in Sconnie--though my parents' digital cable "treated" me to unusually high doses of television news--and I've been catching up today, eye-balling Tom Tomorrow's blog and sifting through a bit...
fashion victims read DYBIP!
10 August 2004
Someone found my blog Googling "rah rah skirts". I could be wrong, but aren't rah rah skirts those fashion disasters sweeping the nation that the girls with fake tans, real underbites, fake belly-button rings, and real big round thighs wear on laundry day now that the casual version of "little...
dear everybody,
10 August 2004
I'm the asshole again. But I'm not all that sorry. I may offer my apologies later, just to be a sport. Approximately seven days during this visit home were wedding-free or otherwise available for me to do with as I pleased, but I wanted to spend quality time with about thirty people. This recipe,...
things to look at.
27 July 2004
Like ME. And my FRIENDS. New photos up. Nighttime activities non-sexual in nature, Alaska, etc.
I've been wrong before...
27 July 2004
...but not very often, and this apparent failure is so not like those rare occasions of wrongness. For those of you who have fallen victim (and by "fallen" I mean pierced through the heart with the fuckin' cupid's arrow, like bigtime) to my previous matchmacking efforts, you know that sometimes...


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