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I from Czechoslovakia. They break up our country and call it Czech Republic an' Slovakia. We are NOT Slovakians! No! And even the poodles here are rude.

Try writing your name with your other hand. Where was that person raised?

In old country. How you say? Ooo-gan-dah.


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Parlez whatever.
10 August 2004
Parlez-vous anglais?I'm in Canada. A note to all of you - don't start humming "Blame Canada". Especially while here. Montreal is a tad too French for me, I can't understand a word, except for "Je suis fatigue" and that's cuz Mia (my BFF) taught it to me. If Rachel taught me any, it's not coming...
Thanks for your help, 'stup'.
02 August 2004
Thanks for your help, 'stup'.That is actually pronounced like "stoop", but it would just be dumb to have "stoopid", although it makes more sense. Last night I watched another Disney movie, Pocahontas. And the best characters are the racoon and the hummingbird, although Thomas comes as a close...
I'm not 9 years old! I'm 10! Do I look 9 to...
29 July 2004
I'm not 9 years old! I'm 10! Do I look 9 to you?! Do I, PUNK!?! Yesterday during our softball "game" (BVHP is a joke, really) Sati destroyed her whole mouth. There was blood everywhere and it was crazy. I saw The Bourne Supremacy today with Alessandra. I don't think Matt Damon is hot (a...
Wild and Crazy Guy
27 July 2004
Wild and Crazy GuyI got my ears pierced again today, I have a double piercing. Look for it soon, kids! Except I have softball in a little bit, you have no idea how much I'm not looking forward to it, I really really really hate it. Thank G-d I'll be done soon. [listening to: Black Tongue, Yeah...
Under da Sea
25 July 2004
Under da Sea I went and had a spaz yesterday; I watched Beauty and the Beast and The Little Mermaid. (I also watched Aladdin last week) You gotta love Disney movies. I guess I was in the mood because at Zoo Camp the kids that come early were watching The Lion King and Bambi (that's the one I...


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