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Wow Melissa, you've really let yourself go in a...
24 July 2004
... serious way. Maybe school's not so cool after all. Yikes.
This wedsite is going downhill faster than i...
16 July 2004
... can guzzle this old milk carton full of high priced gasoline. Is it because I finally started using it? Someone let me know.
How can we be a rectangle when we're all so...
10 July 2004
... obtuse?
So I guess we won't be on TV with moesha...beca...
02 July 2004
... she's not even on the WB. Jenny was right about the programming...and everyone else is dead, dead wrong that is. Also, we won't get to meet vanderbeek, and god knows we could all use a little beek right now. I'm on couch number two now! How do you like that couch number one? In fact couch...


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