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Er, I have two cats, I'm an only child ("mine! MINE!"), and I love the beach. My best friend goes by the name of "Moose" and I am extremely boring to read about. I say "cheese" randomly and spelling is one of my major pet peeves. You'll probably dislike me if you don't like randomness, hate anal people, or dislike humor.

How do you pronounce the 'g' in bologna?

I don't. "Ba-lo-nee"


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Yesterday, Moose and I found out about an old...
09 July 2004
... boyfriend and friend of ours, Eric, was killed tragically in a car accident. He was loved by many and it's a sad thing to see such a great person die such a horrible way. He had many dreams and ambitions, all of which were taken away from him. Our condolences go out to Eric's family, and...
09 July 2004
Hey. I don't know how many people read this, or come here, but I won't be updating the site for a few days. Someone who was close to me at one time passed away recently and I don't think I'm going to be much into updating for the next few days. Until then, keep submitting the blends (those few...
First 2 challenges
02 July 2004
Well, I'm happy to say I recieved my first 2 challenges from Ashie today. I hope to see more in the near future! I've moved the deadline for all the challenges to August 1st. Happy blending.
Er...surprise? It's not pink. I know I said...
30 June 2004
... was going to be, but it sorta got changed at the last minute. I was sitting on my couch and this idea came to me and wouldn't leave me. If you saw what it looks like on paper and how it looks on the computer, you'd be shocked to see how my exact idea came to life. I'm proud. It's my new...
'Allo everyone. It was a bumpy start, but...
30 June 2004
... everything is up and running. I've taken away the chatroom, poetry area, and I've moved things around slightly. Everything that needs to be here is there, and I think it's turned out nice. If anyone spots anything wrong, please tell me! I definitely don't want to have any dead links around...


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