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for those of you that aren't going to see MOMN...
12 August 2004
... the bitter tears at the hideout tomorrow night (friday), PARIS TEXAS is going to be on JIMMY KIMMEL LIVE.
Brian Wilson (and The Wondermints) are doing...
12 August 2004
... the SMILE tour in the US! October 2nd at the Auditorium Theatre in Chicago.
listen, last night (prior to taking his shirt...
12 August 2004
... off along with pete; together they did guest vocals on a haymarket riot song) quinn reminded us all of a valuable lesson: if something's wrong, is it reallyreallyreally wrong?
Oh, and AWESOME SHOW last night by MSH, NB, and...
12 August 2004
... Human Resources. Pines were also pretty sweet. I got drunk (and later drunk-dialed by K.Co & Co.) but the late-night Popeye's run courtesy of Soup was the ULTIMATE CURE.
dan the man is unfortunately incorrect about...
12 August 2004
... the title of the new ted leo, and it's my fault. it's actually called shake the sheets. also it's not in stores until october 19, but you can download "me and mia" from lookout records. also while you're there get "the sword in the stone" if you haven't heard it already.


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