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I'm working myself out of my job at the moment and hoping to find something else to pay the bills before December 31st. Otherwise, I'm about to be married, which is something I once said I'd never do. The guy made all the difference. Other items about me: I like to sing loudly along with music while driving, I can read up to two books in a single evening, I hate to exercise but try to do something active at least twice a week in order to keep my notsoslimashighschool body from getting even larger, I can carry on a witty conversation both in the written and conversational form, and I'm prone to mood swings.

You moved the pot before the coffee stopped brewing. Do you smell the mountains or the burro?

Mountains due to an automatic drip-stopper, otherwise a Java Joe's bit of trivia in the form of Spock would descend.


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Mad Hatter's Tea Party
09 July 2004
Matt and I will be headed up to Rochester, again, this weekend to take care of more wedding details. Some will be fun, like the Mad Hatter's Tea Party that my bridesmaids are throwing me tomorrow at Hicks & McCarthy in Pittsford. It's a couples event, so I'll get to hang out with a few of my...
So You're Just Discovering This Thing Called A...
07 July 2004
One of my good friends here in Jamestown stunned me last week when she asked, "What's a blog?" I decided to round up a couple primer blogs for her to check out and then had the idea to copy on here what I sent her. It'll also give you a quick glance at what I'm reading most days: Blog For...
No Sleep, No Dreams
06 July 2004
I've essentially been up since 3am this morning when Matt's snoring forced me to find refuge in the guest room. A quieter outer environment, yes; a quiet internal state, no. The stress of all kinds of things is catching up with me. The easy ones are the wedding and general work stress that...
me(ish).org is alive!
04 July 2004
The blog that inspired it all for me is back up and running as something entirely different. me(ish).org is now less blog-like in the sense that there isn't daily "wibblings" as the author, Meg, would say. What remains is a photolog area, a words area that replaces the blog, and a jumble of...
Irish TV Journalist Carole Coleman Is My Hero
02 July 2004
While our own media seems to find it hard to ask tough questions of President Bush, Radio Television Eire Journalist Carole Coleman had the integrity to put "W" on the spot. It riled up the President and his staff, but that's a good thing. RTE Story View Interview Between Coleman and Bush...


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