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Create a tagline for a new line of plastic bedsheets.

Sleep on da damn plastic bedsheet u idiots so get one now! *flashes plastic sheet and gives cheesy smile


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i am so dead right nowww im having a cold..fev...
7 hours ago
..... and muscle CRAMPS. andd mathss .. I got a whole lot of homework! and i left my maths textbook in the cardboardd i am so dead right noww ...why must i fall sick on the wrong dayy!!! hate falling sick.. i think i rather go to school.. ok i dont thinkk i can blogg these few...
didn'tt go to school todayy becoz im having a...
09 July 2004
... fever noww.. zzzz and i missed lesson la.. i think i falled sick on the wrong dayy.. okkk no mood to blogg byee
todayy wass a funn dayy :)) speech dayy...
07 July 2004
... todayy wass let out of class at 8.25 HAHA juz one period of lesson todayy i guesss we playedd okayy.. didn't screww upp.. afterr the performance wentt to heeren with mel bel huini ben shao yaa THANKS guyss for the stuff u bought for mee *smiless okok not enoughh HUGS AND...
deleteddd my bprevious posttt guess it was...
06 July 2004
... abit nott ME. lalalalaa okk todayy? was the last day's of practice forr the sec 4ss yeaa .. and tml will be there last day's of performance.. like so touching laaa HAHA crazy meee
...my housee is like SO noisy right noww becoz...
04 July 2004
... the stupid house above mee doing their renovationn fuckk themm can't i havee a proper school holiday! -.- anyywayy stupidd mee was doing stupid stuff yestd sorry mel... wasn't myselfff lately..


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