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SLV: not slsk, though i'm sure it is, or will...
02 August 2004
... be, on there. i can e-mail you where i found it. btw did you ever get the damien jurado cd?
OMG WTF LOL The new Ted Leo kicks many asses.
02 August 2004
... asses.
grazm: ali g rules, especially as the...
29 July 2004
... kazakhstani, but i haven't seen him in ages, as i've been without cable for many months. nck: i'll tip and shout for your belongings.
the clutter of allmusic's new design does seem...
27 July 2004
... bog the loading down on their end. it looks marginally better, but i hate the idea of clicking on tabs to get to a discography. most people want to see the fucking discography with the bio, right? well, am i right?
i laughed at the beer-drinking cat that quinn...
26 July 2004
... posted this weekend. and when miller started off his invitation to the sox game with "calling all quakers."


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