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If you can't tell, I love "Arrested Development." My favorite CD is one that Emma made, featuring Gob saying "It's like going from... Prime rib, to like... I don't know. Weird brother of prime rib!" You'd better be reading my blog. C'mon, don't be a square. It's not like you'll get addicted or anything, just give it one try. One try can't hurt you.

When you spilled the milk, did it look like the moon?

Oh, hell yes. We like the moon.


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I officially amo Chris Pines!
15 hours ago
Finally saw "Princess Diaries 2!" And I'm proud to say, I was right, Chris Pine is gorgeous. He's got this weird accent that kind of comes and goes throughout the movie, but whatev. It's still a cute, squeeky clean movie. Too much footage of that old ugly uncle, though. Get a real job, hippie. I...
Happy Friday the 13th :)
13 August 2004
I still haven't finished either of those 2 stupid papers I have to do. I'm going over to Betsy's tomorrow, and we're going to cause problems and be silly at the mall. Whatever, amigas. Tonight I'm babysitting again and then I get to see "Princess Diaries II." Hooray, I've been looking forward to...
La la la
12 August 2004
I'm blogging from my gorgeous new laptop! Hooray for Steve for getting it and setting it up. It's really beautiful and shmexilious. Speaking of shmexy, as I told Rachel, it's been taken as an SN. And I just found out Rachel has Shmexydramaqueen. Which is totally unfair. Whatever. How about......
You can shut me up, but Mark Blucas will still...
10 August 2004
For whatever reason, there's been little no to bloggage from me. Oh well... I saw "Little Black Book," which was really beyond stupid and lame but had a funny ending. (If you've seen it: If I met Garth Brooks, I'd definitely do that too.) And I folded Phil's laundry and cleaned the tub. I got to...
My haircut.
05 August 2004
I went and walked Clyde and Rollie or Rolly or Raleigh, however you spell that, with Dana and Grandma this morning. We brought Magnum along. I got to see Eleanor, but she was kind of sad because she was cold. I was cold, but there comes a certain age when it's just not acceptable to cry about it....


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