• Age: 26
  • Gender: male
  • Astrological Sign: Capricorn
  • Born in the Year of the: Snake
  • Occupation: Legend
  • Location: Derby : Heaven : Bhutan

About Me

Well, where can I start, ok! im bubbly, outgoing male, looking to make nookie with BIIG girls. I mean big. HUGE.

If there's no I in team, why is there meat?

why am I so fucking good?


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An alternative view on animals. An influential...
08 June 2004
... presenter once said: "I put cat's legs in to smartie tubes and watch them walk around like robots." An inspired method of relaxation. I believe we should all take time to appreciate those words of wisdom and to decide just what animals do for us. Ask yourself, What are their uses? How...
Oh, what a night! Hold tight brothers and...
19 May 2004
... sisters, it's a Wednesday afternoon RRRRRAP! HEAR that shit!!! Well, I was hangin wiv ma hommies on a Saturday night, Outside a bangin club,you know mother fuckin hardcore, right? And this wicked lookin bitch walked past and checked me out, I thought to myself, fuck me Im fit but wots...
Word up hommiezzz Even though Im stuck in this...
17 May 2004
... cock sucking crap pile for another ten minutes, It's sunny outside and drier that a camels toe which means eeeeveryone can get shitfaced and take of aaall their clothes. I will certainly be sharing my goo around tonight! Oh Joy!! So, Summer is close and here is a some urban poetry; I like...
Hungover Morning Quiz I can't remember driving...
13 May 2004
... work. All I can think about is, if I had a hammer, how often i'd use it. But I haven't. My dad has. He doesn't use it very often. In fact hardly ever. Fuck this shit. If you were a timber merchant, how often would you throw wood? If you could? I can't. Scared of getting a splinter. ...
Attention Notice from Management I am...
11 May 2004
... horrified to hear that some people have been deeply offended and not amused by the content of this website. To those people I say with deepest sympathy and remorse, you owe me a FUCKING blowjob Suck my crack.


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