Sosa Jinniman

  • Gender: male
  • Industry: Religion
  • Occupation: Professional martyr
  • Location: Habanaziya : Yemen

About Me

Hi there. I do not like to tell about me very much. I am son of Allah looking for short term employment as suicide bomber.


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A big date
20 June 2004
Helo my good friends. This is Sosa. Rock is much better now after conking head on palm tree. My fat neibor Alamala asked me to come over to her house tonight. She make nice meal for us. This was my first date. I think Alamala likes me because she make me nice meal of palm sugar dates and figs...
My new worry
13 June 2004
Hallo my friends. Today I made test suicide bomber run. I used fake bomb made from two Coke cola six pack tied to my waist. I got on Rocky my camel and rode fast toward oasis where no one was. My camel Rock is old and does not see good and ran into date palm. I fell off his hump and crashed on...
My sucky week
08 June 2004
Hello my very good freinds and fello bloggers. I am Sosa. My week sucked so bad I will not tell much of what happened. My very good friend Omar the tent maker stopped by. He has a brand new hummer which he stole from American in Kuwait and I have only Rock my camel who has an enlarged testical...
My new blog
10 May 2004
Hi. My name is Sosa Jinniman. I welcome to everyone my blog. Please read my blog and comments as appropriate. You will find contents some fun with pleasure and to read is good. Allah be with you, Sosa


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