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match maker
20 May 2004
2 day me and my freind helped r freinds make out cuz there goin out and they bolth wanted 2 do it but didnt no how 2 start it so we found a perfect bush and talked 2 them bout it they thanked us it was so cool see we have this class called ecology and we go outside so alot of people make...
i want feed bak
18 May 2004
i have parent controls so email me at jesshipo@yahoo icant read my own posts or comments
parents and skool
18 May 2004
as u all know i get in trouble alot so tommorow is open house my parents walk in a room while my teachers talk crap about me how i day dream and talk ect.while i laugh and talk with my friends in a big group out side getting in more trouble.o ya omg=o my god for retards anyway i wrote a note 2 my...
i hate a teacher
16 May 2004
I hate this 1 teacher he treats me like shit he thinks me and my friend r devils.Well just cuz i throw stuff across the room talk,cheat,laugh,pass notes and argew with him doesnt mean he can just asume that im doin sometin wrong and tell me he hates me and im on the line.wen some 1 else is talkin...
shit that happens
15 May 2004
at my school all the teachers think im a damn demon.Its wierd when people think your hilarious when your just being stupid.I hate when i get fuckin demerits and my name on the board or when the stupid ass principal always catches youn cutting in line so then he always yells your last name...


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