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How can anyone be more of a loser than you, you profile reader. (its okay, i do it when im bored too)


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12 June 2004
tomorrow morning im going to charles river rowing camp in boston its gonna be fun ill be back on saturday, kaye, we should go to the pool on the next monday! IM SCARED OF THE BIG BAD AIRPORT!!! I DONT LIKE THEM!!! IVE BEEN ON PLANES HUNDREDS OF TIMES AND THE AIRPORTS MAKE NO SENSE!!!
baaack and then gone again
12 June 2004
So i got back from my first beach trip of the summer without any sunburn to speak of, but margie looked diseased because she used spray sunscreen too close up and so she had little spots of non-burned skin where she had gotten sunscreen. she looks like she has smallpox. you know you are in a...
01 June 2004
*a lot* sorry, its just my eighth grade teacher karen rectanus really cared about putting that space in between. she was crazy, i tell you, crazy.
three things that suck alot
01 June 2004
1. i have had a cold since after i got back from a movie after school ended on thursday 2. i cant go to jennifers birthday party (boo hoo hoo!!! i cry) 3. my mom is all obsessed with cleaning rooms this week and going to my grandmother's to work on her yard, and im only going to be home for two...
26 May 2004
Finally. gosh darn, its finally almost over ... for the year at least. its nice to think that im halfway through though. i only have yet to do what i have already done. if that makes any sense. so theres this freshman with eyebrows that look like sperm. random, i know, but i was looking at the...


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