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I am hugely Wealthy Parson, and I just want to help the Ignorant people understand the world thru my Incridibley acerbic Wit.

Your bow is not broken but you've run out of arrows. How can you fake being a bard?

The better question is: Why is my brow not broken, and who needs arrows. I will shoot you in your arse!


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Take the security quiz,
27 May 2004
And the first step to a safer society! (Not yet approved by Jonny Asscroft)
What about the manual?
27 May 2004
I know I am gullible, but this is ridiculous!! Upon review of the FM 3-19.40, a document published, and hopefully read by the military commanders of MP units I found the following as the beginning of chapter 7. Chap 7 Internment and Resettlement I/R consist of those measures necessary to...
post comments please
26 May 2004
Am I just talking to myself, or what?
Listen up dagnabit
25 May 2004
What is the point of this missive?Heck, I don't rightly know. I think the bushmiester is losing his mind, but I am gullible, dagnabit! Come on, what is this nonsense about? First we are going to go interm, then soveiergn? I say declare Paul the first king, and be done with it. My mother...
Grumpy but Gullible!
21 May 2004
A Revalation. My sense of Humor has beeen sqaused, and I thought that doing a Blog would Help me to retrieve it. Why bother? Who would even care? It is time to pull out the full on angry guy. If it worked for Rushy, and Bushy, It can work for Me. Dagnabit! Speaking of squash, I need to...


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