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this is the answer to my random question since this thing is such a buthole and wont let me finish the answer cuz it is too long. Here it goes;in vegas we met my aunt at this diner, the pepper mill. across the street was a souveneir shop and we went in and bot a woopi cushion. when we went back to the diner we blu it up and she put it in her purse. then sliding back into the booth she sat on it and she looks at my sister and says,"eww! did u do that?!" and my sister is like no u did it!! and the whole place just looked at us in utter digust. i laughed so hard i almost pissed my pants! then the girl in the booth behind us turned around with her nose flared and gave us the dirtiest look!

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my life
08 June 2004
if u were to ask me wat was more important: u, or my life, i would say my life and u would walk away not knowing that u r my life.
stik figure
29 May 2004
i made a figure today. a person made of lines. when i am glad he smiles, and when i am mad; he dies.
i'm not drink.. i'm jus buuzzzzedd..hehe
29 May 2004
occifer, i swurr thurs no blud in my alkohol systems. go ahead, chek this. theres nuttin in here. the only thing that is in me is da car, und shez drivun me homed yuturday. so do u wanna driver check y license or nutting? sats wat i thoted, bullo!
u.. or my life?
29 May 2004
If u were to ask me wat was more important; u or my life, i would say my life. And you'd walk away not knowing that u are my life.
best friends 2
29 May 2004
A Good Friend will bail you outta jail. A Best Friend will be sitting next to you sayin, "That was Awesome!"


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