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I'm a funny little guy with a family and a job and a computer. What more does a person need? Well, maybe a bigger apartment. "Um, honey, could you pass me my elbow?"

If you were a wrestler, what would be your finishing move?

The Snarling Bicep Flex.


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Father time...
15 hours ago
Well, today's my birthday. I've reached the big three-oh. I asked for a cane for my gift but I didn't get it... yet. But seriously, I don't really feel that old despite that fact that thirty is pretty much the age where you are truly considered an adult. I can't really get away with being...
Past times...
12 August 2004
I don't know why I'm putting this on here but here's a few days of entries from my old site "emptynet". Mostly just stuff I did on the site [so it really doesn't have any relevance anymore but there's a couple interesting memories. The entry from the 16th of August below refers to the trip I made...
I don't even like coffee...
12 August 2004
Finished reading "Sams Teach Yourself JavaScript in 21 Days" by Jonathan A. Watt, Andrew H. Watt and Jinjer Simon. Well, I didn't really finish it all, so much as I read most of it and skimmed the rest. C'mon! It's a manual! I got the gist of it! Now I know a bunch of JavaScript. Cool.
almost done
11 August 2004
Been working hard cleaning up my old links and annotations, so that's all finished. Now I have to make sure that there are at least a few links in each of the sections. Not much longer now.
Put him in the comfy chair...
11 August 2004
Oh, and sorry about the pause in posting. Three days without my words of wisdom... How did you all survive?!?!? I beg your forgiveness and promise never [or rarely] to do it again. I was busy! Please! *laugh*


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