• Age: 24
  • Gender: female
  • Astrological Sign: Leo
  • Born in the Year of the: Monkey
  • Location: India

About Me

Genius. Dumb.
Love life. Hate life.
Cool. Hot.
Flirt. Demure.
Sane. Crazy.
One-in-a-zillion. Girl-next-door.
A study in contradictions.

Compose the lyrics to a new national anthem that features an animal sound at least once:

March ahead, there's no turning baa-ck, All's well, we do not need a quack, Let the whole world just growl and honk, We're the best, we lead the pack.

Favorite Books

Recent Posts

I'm 24 today...
13 August 2004
Yeah, its my birthday today, and I take childish delight in it. And why shouldn't I?? It happens only once a year, and I do so love being the centre of attraction. After all, I'm a true blue Leo. Anyway, a whole lotta people have been calling me up. A couple of friends with whom I'd lost touch...
Wheeeee.... My 101st post. Ok, woke up with a...
12 August 2004
... headache today. And then, of the two and a half kilometres that I have to travel to get to office, was stuck in a traffic jam for a kilometre. Took me about half an hour to reach office. The opening ceremony of the Olympics starts at 11.00 pm, my time. I'm so glad I can watch it. Get...
12 August 2004
(Long time no graffiti) Avoid fruits and nuts. After all, you are what you eat. - Garfield If you can't sleep, try lying on the end of a bed. Then you might drop off. - Mark Twain
This just in...
12 August 2004
Ok, I have geekish tendencies. This test says so. Ok, I'm not really jobless. Just that I have some time on my hands. And while we're at it, here's a weekly quiz and a whole lot of other quizzes. Or go learn a little French. Ok, now I REALLY gotta run.
Last evening, I got off from work early for...
10 August 2004
... once... So, I go home, and see this wedding card on the table. I open it and see that its the wedding of this girl I sorta know, one that is two years younger than me. So, that was the first thing I said out loud after seeing her name on the card, and the second I said it, I realized my...


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