Parimal Satyal

  • Age: 15
  • Gender: male
  • Astrological Sign: Libra
  • Born in the Year of the: Dragon
  • Industry: Arts
  • Location: Nepal

About Me

I'm a powermetal composer and guitar, drum and bass player for melodic powermetal project - Atlantis.

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Recent Posts

Homework Package for Grade 10
05 June 2004
Message for: Grade 10 of Rato Bangala School. I've uploaded the homework package for the bandh to this server to make things easier for you. Click here to see Homework Package. I know that page's all green and not formatted properly, but that's because I had to do it fast and it's a contingenc...
Gamma Ray's Official Homepage
03 June 2004
After so long, the official Gamma Ray website sees an update! And what an update! - An amazing gig review of "Rock Hard Festival" in Germany. On of my friends had mentioned this band called Nagflar (which I never heard, and never cared about), but today on the list of other bands playing that...
First post on my new blog
03 June 2004
So, here I go with a new blog (my first, really). I've still got to do a lot. First things, first. Thanks to Hostrocket for hosting my site. I'm working on my own design (this one's one of Blogger's default) so that'll come in soon. I just found the email blogging really fun! Oh, right then - the...
About my new song - "Alter our Fate"
02 June 2004
Alter our Fate is a fast paced song (with a slow bridge) about how a group of people feel humanity is going the wrong direction with the killing, the fighting and the hate and decided to leave it all and find a new home away from earth where "peace is a culture". They travel around space in...


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