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We are Doris, Vanessa and Helen.

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Suriname's~~~~ hoer en de presidente
13 June 2004
Suriname's hoer en de presidente Op het Kwakoe-festival walmden de barbecue's en op sommige plaatsen heerste de kakafonie van concurrerende muziekinstallaties. Foto Roger Creemers Maxi Linder, de Koningin van Paramaribo, is oud. Ze zit te mijmeren over haar vroegere, wilde hoerenleven en...
Guyana~~~the anniversary of Guyana’s Independence
13 June 2004
THE GUYANA FESTIVAL IN TORONTO It is the closest you will ever get to Guyana without leaving Toronto The Guyana Festival was initiated in 1995 in Toronto to commemorate the anniversary of Guyana’s Independence. The precursor to the Festival was the Guyana Independence Dinner, which was...
Brazil~~~Miami's annual
13 June 2004
FLA/BRA (Florida/Brazil) Festival November 2004 - January 2005 tbc (Every year) Miami's annual FLA/BRA Festival at the Colony Theatre is a six-week long celebration of all that is new in Brazilian culture. The festival provides a showcase for artists and their work - from contemporary dance to...
Colombia~~~~festival of art JUNE 18~27
13 June 2004
Columbia Festival of the Arts Held annually in downtown Columbia on the last weekend in September, the Columbia Festival of the Arts is a celebration of visual, performing and literary art. The festival features several performance stages, participatory art experiences for all ages, a fine...
Venezuela~~~Devils of Yare:Los Diablos de Yare
13 June 2004
Venezuela~~~Devils of Yare:Los Diablos de Yare(A Venezuelan Festival) One festival is called the Devils of Yare, and it is famous for its music that uses only drums, its traditional dance and red clothing, multicolor masks, and colorful jewelry. Evelyn Infante from Venezuela It is famous for...


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