Johnathan Fowler

  • Age: 24
  • Gender: male
  • Astrological Sign: Virgo
  • Born in the Year of the: Sheep
  • Location: Austin : TX : Bouvet Island

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Fever Gone Wild
18 June 2004
I'm about to check out Fading Dawn - looking forward to it. So I was just watchin Comedy Central and I saw an ad for Girls Gone Wild, which had the "alluring" statement that you can now see college girls - doing things they *never* taught you in school. That cracks me up. Apparently, when I...
I have no pants
13 June 2004
...since I lost all my belongings at poker tonight. Alas, at least I still have Internet access. You gotta have priorities. I'm WAY behind on song week, or so I thought, until I heard that "Song Week" was actually renamed "Song Ambiguous-Period-of-Time-That's-Not-Necessarily-Limited-To-A-Week"...
TWO songs for the price of TWO (nipples)!!!
10 June 2004
I was a full day behind today, since I didn't have time to finish yesterday's song before passing out on the bed. However, a new day has emerged, and I have caught up with two *ahem* interesting tunes. The first, NBGTA, was titled by Derek, and is not so much a "song" but rather a totally...
Mr. Fowler, you are TARDY! Bend over for your...
08 June 2004
Well, I'm already behind - but I promise, I DID in fact write this song, Outward, In, yesterday...I just didn't record it since I fell asleep. For punishment, I did this in one take - and the result is less than perfect, especially with so many missed notes! I do really like the words though! I...
Happy Un-Birthday to ME!
06 June 2004
Hello dear readers, all three of you, and how are you today? I'm fine, thank you. After an inexcusably long hiatus (not "Hi Anus", Derek...jeez) from (a.k.a. MBC), I have decided to get back into the swing of things and do...things. Nothing more than that for now -...


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