• Age: 16
  • Gender: male
  • Astrological Sign: Leo
  • Born in the Year of the: Rabbit
  • Location: New York : United States

About Me

Well, I'm an alien to start. Musically speaking I play cello mostly but and pretend to sing and even act. I take a decent amount of pride in my writing though. I also take pride in my inner-strengths. Honesty, loyalty, kindness, fairly steadfast cheerfulness and all those things. That's all for now. Oh yeah, I also have my own language :-)


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30 June 2004
Alright, did a bit of cleaning up and tweaking and all that fun stuff. Comments are now doable (though I assure you the template with the html is quite sloppy- but it works). I added some links, fixed the time thing. Next up I'm going to add a tag board and anything else I can think of. For now...
Here We Go
30 June 2004
Alright, I might actually start posting more often now. I re-started my subscription to Star Wars Galaxies, so inspiration and such is flowing in even more now and I'm slowly forming various plots. I'm thinking I might eventually work on various exerpts, possible quotes from characters, and stuff...
In, Out, then In Again
30 June 2004
Nifty little story here. Outside playing ball with my dog, Shep. After a while he gets tired so I pet him for a while. Eventually his stomach starts making weird noises and he walks away from me. After getting about a meter away, he vomits. What came out was awesome, it was a ball-sized glob of...
Cousins... Oi
21 June 2004
Yeah, my cousins are here for a few days so I won't be able to post much since I have to entertain them and such (they're so demanding: "Randy, let's do this, now let's do this. Come on Randy"). On the plus side their dog is a great judge of character. Neither my mom ro my bro will enter through...
Hear me Roar
21 June 2004
Oh yeah, did some stuff with the html.... AND IT WORKED!!!!!!! Anyways, Blu, I would have added to the contributors but I can't find you profile to link you- and I was under fairly strict orders as to what to do hehe. Anyways, yeah, I did good :-) *Takes a bow*


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