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Wah ha ha ha.. right.

What spells can you cast with magic markers?

I cast no spells.


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I'm bored you guys.. HAPPY BIRTHDAY to...
10 hours ago
... Michael =) alright i'm so bored i'm going to fill out a survey i've probably filled out ten times before, =/ literally. ____YOUR LIFE____ [x] they call me: Esther [x] sex: F [x] my first breath of air: 10/24/88 [x] age: 15 [x] status: Gee, I wonder. [x] occupation: yeah i do... ? i duno how your site...
18 hours ago
... works. hehe, I SAW YOU yesterday. yeah duh.. =P no way , table is boring, i'd rather count people!!!!!
BOO those LA smarties. my parents want me to...
08 July 2004
... get 800s too thanks to my cousin who's going to college now. GEEZ. =( =( So sad. You guys, think of stuff I could do to get out of the house that does not include boys, movies, or long rides, that wouldnt' be bored.. because I am out of options and I have forgotten what the outside world...
im bored.. must start packets..geez i'm...
07 July 2004
... horrible -__________________-- someone, come over to my house and force me to do them, now!
BLOOOOOOOOOOOOOP!!!!!! yeah you like? It's not...
06 July 2004
... colorful sorry Steven but green is cool. I mean i love blue but this is nice too. =P doo doo doot doooo!!!


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