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Our society
12 hours ago
Darn it, I typed half way through when my computer erased everything. Idiotia... argh I was saying that sometimes i feel that what the Ministry of Education aims to achieve and what they implement don't match. And why do i say so? For example, the government wants more people to master their...
Ghost Town
13 August 2004
Well, as requested, i'm here to liven up the blog!!!!!!! Hey ppl.. write in this blog leh. If not it would be quite dead and i would be like the only idiot around writing stupid stuff into this blog. hahaa.. But anyway, yahz, this blog looks like a ghost town. Oh yahz.. we ought to take more...
Letter of introduction
13 August 2004
My econs professor required us to all send in a letter of introduction, introducing ourselves to him in about a page. And i wrote a page, but with double spacing, crapping about how economics is related to political science. Yahz.. i think anyone can see that Economics is secondary to me when it...
Little stuff
13 August 2004
i uploaded the pictures into the BBS. I don't really have the time to do the html layout and all, so i just uploaded some of the pictures into the BBS to save time for me. So if you guys wan to take a look, just pop over to the BBS board. I had late lecture today. I was taking bus from home to...
12 August 2004
I watched the swearing in ceremony just now. I have alot of thoughts but i can't write them directly out here because its too sensitive. And i wouldn't wan to find some ISD ppl knocking at my house 3 am asking me to assist in investigation for something i wrote or whatever. I forgotton what...


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