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Julia Child Died
21 hours ago
We all knew her, Julia Child died early this morning. I've periodically watched her on television throughout my life, I liked her.
Eight Backslash Thirteen
13 August 2004
IF AUGUST 13 IS YOUR BIRTHDAY: . . . You are trustworthy and people are attracted to your unique qualities. Those on the prowl may meet up with someone new and noteworthy while their charisma is at its peak. Faithful companions or loved ones will shower you with affection if you are already...
Friday August 13th
13 August 2004
The luckiest possible day. Good Luck Woody...going for his PHD of all things. And Luck to those people who have today as a birthday *imaginary, leaping high-fives to all of you Aug 13ers*
Resulting Cougar
12 August 2004
My Courgar morphed into this monstrosity... with the help of arm twisted laborers:
11 August 2004
I saw a perfect movie last night, Ikiru by Akira Kurosawa. Over the past several months I have seen Rashomon, Seven Samurai, Yojimbo, and Sanjuro, all of which are extremely good, but Ikiru instantly became my favorite... even though I can't be more specific, easily one my top 10movies; can't...


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