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02 July 2004
The main pc is back online- no more intrusuions into my lair! Huzzah! And so forth!
Where were we?
02 July 2004
Oh yeah, that's right, I was supposed to be posting on my blog... Well, here's a post! Recently got an e-mail from the geocities people saying that they would delete my site if I didn't update it, so I slapped together something about Santa being evil. Enjoy! The link is over there somewhere,...
I am here!
30 June 2004
Sorry posting has been light- have actually been busy (or the me equivalent of busy) for the past few days. The main pc commited suicide, and is now being formatted. So luckily for me everyone gets to come into my room whenever they want to "use the internet". I have decided to unplug the...
So, anyway, yeah...
28 June 2004
Blogging has been light, due to the 'business' of the school holidays (which have been going for all of 1 day). At least with the horrific soul-deadening experience of school, you're doing something. Now all I do is think too much about stuff and people, and then mope about. Anyway, expect...
I hate kids
26 June 2004
The stupid little freaks next hit another damned ball over into our backyard today, so to teach them a lesson I have decided to ignore the doorbell's incessant ringing. Little bastards


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