Jeff Bell

  • Age: 17
  • Gender: male
  • Astrological Sign: Sagittarius
  • Born in the Year of the: Tiger
  • Industry: Student
  • Occupation: Traveling Shoe Salesmen
  • Location: New York : United States

About Me

Hi my name's Jeff; I'm a bass player. Oh yeah I also play Tuba Viola Cello Trombone and Baritone. Oh yeah I sing Bass too. Scared? You should be. I bust my ass to become a music major. YaY music major! I think I want to teach because I love teaching. But I'm a pretty huge and ugly guy so I scare people; well it keeps the students in line and the old people on the street walking fast, it's good for their heart. Oh yeah I guess I should also mention the Christian Rock Band I'm in and give a shout out to Forgotten Antics. I'm the lead harmonic player. *Eye Roll* So yeah I'm eternally single because it's impossible for me to get a date. And I've always managed to be a very controversial figure where ever I go. So Read my postings and wait for me to shove both feet in my mouth because it'll be soon and frequent there after.

Well, maybe they don't need them, but don't you think that some fish might like a bicycle?

Not at all. I hear they go for skateboards these days.


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Recent Posts

Beast Meets His Teacher-Part I
08 July 2004
Well in case you are wondering that is the technical name of the class. Well I'm starting a new series. Which shall be Called Beast Bombs Driver's Ed. So yeah allow me to start. My teacher's name is Mr. Mason. Now let me tell you about this guy. He swears constantly. And gets a little colorful...
Garage Sales
03 July 2004
Yeah so I went cruising garage sales with my mother, her boyfriend, a sister, and my brother. Which was very interesting. My brother kept wanting to buy the girls he saw at the sales. My mom told him he wouldn't know what to do if he had one. So my sister told him to ask me, "Jeff knows everythin...
The Beast Dreams
30 June 2004
Ok so I had this dream last night I took someone to prom. I'm not mentioning any names. But yeah there was even some phony stripping because the stripper whipped off her dress and had normal clothes on underneath then started singing a ridiculous song to the tune of a song that was once graciousl...
Summer Problems
29 June 2004
Ok you want to know why I hate summer vacation? I'll tell you. Yesterday I did nothing but play video games and some cello! I mean honestly I like to be and I like having something to do all the time. A little rest is good once a while but not this long and it's barely started. I...
27 June 2004
Ok guys I saw most of the old version of Dr. Dolittle. ANd I'm telling you don't watch that movie. It was just awful. I couldn't force myself to sit and watch the whole thing I left my grandmother's house because it was just horrid it was. Worst of all it's a musical and the worst musical I've...


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