• Gender: female
  • Astrological Sign: Cancer
  • Industry: Religion
  • Occupation: President, Universal beings cult
  • Location: Yemen

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I like to go on adventures to the next dimension


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My Top Ten Birthday Highlights
07 July 2004
10. A visit from the Neepster 9. Being taken out to an Italian lunch by Nahreen 8. Having the honor to co-celebrate with THE one-time host of AVS's community fund drive and friend who was born a day before me, Mo 7. Telling Lisa "I lauw you!" 6. Spending time with some of the...
Dude, where's my bone marrow?
07 July 2004
"Indian/Pakistani/Bangladeshi Donors are urgently needed to help Pia Awal, a 29 year-old educator. Pia has been diagnosed with Acute Myelogenous Leukemia (AML) and is in immediate need of a stem cell blood, or bone marrow, transplant." I've done this years ago, when a young Bangladeshi girl in...
Where is Apu from?
01 July 2004
I had a pleasant surprise when I got home today. It was the Simpsons episode where Manjula is angry with Apu for working long hours seven days a week at the Kwik-E-Mart, so to make up to her Apu romances her and makes all the men and women of Springfield angry and jealous. When the Simpsons go...
Stupid British Airways counterperson
01 July 2004
My mom left for Bangladesh today on British Airways. Although things were last-minute and hectic, overall everything was going fine. So we get to the airport and the asshole at the counter says... (In a French accent)... "I'm sorry, but your suitcase is too heavy. Our limit is 32 kg. and you have...
I'm short, it's my birthday
30 June 2004
Woo hoo! I turned 25 today! By Bengali cultural standards, I am labeled "old" and "unmarriagable" from this day on. Maybe now folks will stop bugging me. Hee hee :) Anyways, I just discovered audio blogging today and found it mad easy. And that is saying a lot, coming from a computer-retard like...


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