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My name is Erik. I am the drummer for the band Forgotten Antics. Never heard of them? well you will! I play guitar on the side as well as write music. I was a four year member in the marching band. Maybe 5 if i fail gym! but most likely not. Im planning on attending college this fall at SUNY Oneonta for possibly Music Industry not sure yet. I think it will be a whole new relieving expirence for me to be away from here

The first time you had your shoes taken off - how surprised were you to see that you still had toes?

wait...? you mean i still have toes?


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23 June 2004
Just wanted you all to know that i went and ordered new glasses yesterday, and should have them friday or saturday, after that ill be back and blogging like ive never blogged before. I just can't read this page without glasses.
20 June 2004
Well yesterday we decided to go to Boston it was interesting. Probably the most interesting thing that happened was we were driving down I-88 on the way to Albany. I had this killer head ache due to the bright lights, so i thought maybe if i roll down my window it will allow my glasses to change....
Safe Summer Fun Day!
18 June 2004
Today i was forced to work at safe summer fun day... I tell you its everything but safe... first off there was this clown... some guy with a really high pitched voice... It like saying ok kids its ok go talk to the strange pediphile like guy... then there was the psycho little kid with the shovel...
18 June 2004
hey... just me with my formal introduction as you all know... I am Rock... (all say 'hi rock' in unison... much like AA meetings) It is an honor to be here... i may not be terrorizing as the other three.. ( alien, beast and hmm whats her name...) You may think whats so terrorizing about a rock......


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