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One time, I wrestled a bear. The bear won, but I never stopped trying.

What would you name your ballet inspired by the sight of children leaping through a garden sprinkler?



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Thanks to everyone who came out last night. Mt....
12 August 2004
... Elsewhere and Gay Market Nights were amazing. Pines were killer as well. Nate, I will save you a shirt, adult small. It does say 'sharkacopter' down at the bottom. The people that printed them dicked up and did white instead of a lighter blue, and subsequent printings will probably have...
10 August 2004
... present situation, there was not a single band that I enjoyed playing in more than Pilot To Bombardier. Sure, you can be a little wacky, but I always felt as though you communicated your ideas and were pretty accepting to other peoples contributions. I'm sure that mostly, the guys you're...
10 August 2004
YO STEEVE The garage sale at OTS is pretty...
09 August 2004
... cool, but if I were you, I'd go on Friday. All of the good stuff is gone by Sunday. It's a fucking zoo. Last year, I bought an upright bass that I have never taken out of it's case. Money well spent The Clearwater Theater was an awesome venue, pretty good sound, super nice staff. We...
I was actually woken up this morning because I...
06 August 2004
... was cold. It's August. Last August, after being launched into this huge woman's armpit everytime we would stop, I had a heat-induced panic attack and got off of a Chicago Avenue bus and got wicked lost for several hours because I found the heat so unbearable......Last August, the city had...


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