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to double R (minus one R plus a G)
08 July 2004
i'm a ramp model!!! you're... a... hmm... wat?! a film editor?! nyak!!! vwahahaha!;p [;p arlene]
club promo ala fashion show = "kablaaam!"
08 July 2004
ohmygulay! ria! we're dasem! my house has a first-come-first-serve-basis sa computer. we also have 2 computers, but the other is buhroken! ugh! talk about perfect timing. and i have a brother too, who doesn't know how IMPORTANT the things i do are! not kirk, the other one... who eats, and...
to double A
07 July 2004
hi arlene! I hope you too had a good night's sleep. I know it was a tough day for all of us. Blog soon! ;)
thursday mornings!
07 July 2004
guess what?! today i woke up at 2:30 AM because I had to finish my work for the Club Promo. Last night, i went home, tired as hell i could barely walk. We had a meeting so i arrived home after my brothers practice at around 7:30 since we still went to the supermarket to buy some stuff. When i...
RIA=ROBOT forever!
01 July 2004
don't worry, this'll be short. i just came to say, "wahahahahahahahahahah!;p" i luv ur recent blog's 2nd paragraph. it's hilarious! i laughed out loud alone. it's so laf3p... listen to the voice of the people, accept the facts... you may cry, too, but YOU STILL ARE A ROBOT! RIA=ROBOT forever!...


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