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She Tells Him She Misses Vienna
27 June 2004
But name the things it gave you that you miss. Depressions? Headaches? Now and then a kiss from uptight Austrian men with super egos? Recall the glares from women dressed like regals. You hated that, but still you miss this place. Its Habsburg grandeur and its baroque grace. It's old-style...
26 June 2004
I went with Courtney to the zoo today. I hadn't been there before and we had a great time together. It's a pity, though, that quite a few of the animals seemed to be in pretty small cages and often on their own. At least one elephant, a polar bear, a tiger, a lion, and two hyenas appeared to have...
White South Africans
25 June 2004
It used to be a feature. How they lied. But now, hacking through thickets without maps, where are the journalists who once decried their racist selfishness? Their hate? Their snaps and snarls, back in those days? I can't believe that white South Africans are now too dull for them. For good?...
25 June 2004
I got home late last night and almost immediately had to begin preparing my lesson for 7.30 this morning. I taught last Friday for the first time, and now this morning. The semester is over, and starts again two months from now. I was just filling in for the last two lessons. A maximum of three...
Well, they won...
24 June 2004
After half time, the Netherlands and the Czech Republic both scored again. So it ended up being 3-0 for the Netherlands vs. Latvia and 2-1 for the Czech Republic vs. Germany. This means the Czech Republic and the Netherlands both go through to the next round (against Sweden on Saturday for the...


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