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10 July 2004
BORED!!! incredibly bored. sitting around beckas house waiting for the phone to ring. hung out with brad briefly today. bought some gems from R&TT. such as slip it in by black flag, outkast, fear factory, freddy got fingered and THEY LIVE. pretty good day if i may say so myself. im currently...
i know im pathetic i knew when she said it
08 July 2004
thursday!! could this short week feel any longer!?!? jesus. remember how i said i was real tired of my job? well im at the breaking point!!! looking to get a job working for the newspaper. in the editorial dept. OPINIONS!! thats all i gotta say on that. started my collegic career last night....
i knew someone but now hes gone
05 July 2004
ahh the holidays. love em. had a couple drinks last night. and some shots. good times. my head felt like it weighed 500 pounds and was resting on a pencil. gravity is terrible. i also hate rain. and the singer of our lady peace is named raine. dont hate him though. the first time i heard "clumsy"...
why cant we just be sober
04 July 2004
4TH of july today. and im sitting around with nothing to do. went to hershey park last night. well, actually all of yesterday. school starts on wednesday. not too nervous. worried about my self motivation more then anything. maybe ill call some people today and have a little shindig. am i the...
its some kinda love, oh its some kinda hate
30 June 2004
today started as any does. sun,crows,waking up, the norm. then the rest of the day went as they often do. then i noticed that no one leaves responses on this. how do i know you care!!??!?! i dont. thats the problem. let me know you care. leave responses. email me. i dont care just as long as i...


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