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My Names.
30 June 2004
Did anyone notice my name changing? 6th grade, I was Philip, some called me Phil. 7th grade, I was Phil, few called me Philip. 8th, I was Pip, some called me Phil, some called me Philip. Hell, most People can't spell my name right.. Oh yeah, you can't forget Stacey calling me Philly Cheesesteak....
Here Comes The Pain.
28 June 2004
You know, as I was doing about my day, I finally realize, what if.. What if I don't see some of my friends next year? What if theres too much homework? What if my freshman year is hell? I don't wanna leave you guys... I'm not worried about those other what ifs, because it'll just be like starting...
Sorry if this grossed you out.. But, I got...
28 June 2004
... bored, so I took pictures of inside my mouth..
I'm Lazy...
27 June 2004
Ever notice how I usually post at 11-ish? Meh, that's just me.. Anyways, woke up at ate noodles at what's that place, Binh Doung? Then, went shopping some. I got some manga for my brother, and me some clothes, and a new backpack! At least I like it better than my red one.. Well, I'm out.
My Name..
26 June 2004
I found this kinda entertaining.. Thanks Daniel! PPlainHHealthyIIrresistibleLLuxuriousIIndustriousPPhilosophicalName / Username: Name Acronym GeneratorFrom


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