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29 June 2004
29 June 2004
Biodistribution of 99Tcm-labelled 5-thio-D-gluc...
28 June 2004
We studied the biodistribution and tumour localization of 99Tcm-labelled-5-thio-D-glucose (99Tcm-TG). 5-Thio-D-glucose was labelled with 99Tcm by direct stannous ion reduction. The biodistribution of 99Tcm-TG was investigated in normal rabbits and in mice bearing experimental tumours. In rabbits,...
Effect of hy Effect of hypoxia on the...
28 June 2004
Effect of hypoxia on the accumulation of technetium-99m-glucarate and technetium-99m-gluconate by Chinese hamster ovary cells in vitro.
Current developments in single photon radiophar...
28 June 2004
Development of peptides and amino acids labeled with single photon gamma emitters has promoted a large number of investigations in nuclear medicine especially for tumor imaging. Radiolabeled peptides have several advantages over antibodies mainly related to immunogenicity and size. Tumor...


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